GeoRev Hooping

Collapsible Dance Hoops Professionally Made in Canada

Day 11

Caroline KruegerComment

I woke up the other day and instead of getting right to the hoop making I went for a good hooping session myself.  I reason that it is important to make time for my hooping and maintain my relationship with it, lest I forget why I'm putting myself through this rigorous hoop making schedule.  It's for spreading the revolution of circles, introducing new people to the hoop, and supporting existing hoopers. 

I did some budgeting and after buying the tape, I have enough money left over to purchase food for my dogs - and that's it.  I don't have any more money to feed myself or pay my phone bill or, more importantly, buy more tubing to keep the project rolling forwards. That money will have to come from hoop sales.  I have to sell more hoops.  I am also out of push buttons and have been making non collapsible hoops. I slowed my hoop making pace to 5 per day for a couple days, to conserve supplies and money.  It also felt really good, a much needed break for my hands. 

Anyway I took that little prismatic hoop to the park, where I ran into my new friend Shelby.  Shelby was the recipient of one of the original GeoRev website hoops, because her boyfriend Matty modeled mini hoops for me and I paid all the models with hoops.  She had that original 30" color shifting polypro with her, as well as a slackline, which she is really good at walking on.  I tried slacklining for the first time, briefly.  I enjoyed playing with both of the hoops more.  It was actually a really good session.  And it was Shelby's birthday, so I gifted her that prismatic hoop.  I can always make another one.  Besides, I'm crushing on the rainbow hoops I have been making now. 

I broke a hundred hoops today!  Not bad for 11 days work.  My average is 9.2 per day, even with the low count days :)