GeoRev Hooping

Collapsible Dance Hoops Professionally Made in Canada

Day Seven

Caroline KruegerComment

I'm thinking of keeping this 32" prismatic deco hoop for myself!

The stack is growing, but today was tough!  Having a non-negotiable daily quota of 6-8 hoops is definitely a challenge.  When I woke up (late) my hands were aching.  The ability to tape a hoop smoothly comes with a price on the body when exercised excessively.  I would be wise to spread my hoop making out over the whole year instead of two months.  ;/  

With all the other requirements of life - food needs to be shopped for, and made!  The dogs need a walk!  The dishes need doing!  The garbage must be taken out!  The lawn needs to be mowed!  There's laundry to do!  The battery in my truck is dead and I need a jump!  I used to have a social life! - it's no wonder I didn't get any of the hoops made before work today.  I taped all 8 of them during my shift again, but I shouldn't keep doing that. I've been rushing through the five or six hours of work they want me to do in a frenzied few hours and spend the rest of the night taping hoops and listening to podcasts.  If I get fired before the end of June I will have to go waitress on the highway and I would rather apply a cheese grater to my elbow, with tension.  

So that's where I'm at with the GeoRev Project today.  I want a day off from production but I'm only a week into this and don't think I deserve one until I can complete double my quota: 16-20 hoops in a day.  The thought of what that might do to my hands is a bit scary.  I will work through the fear and have faith that my hands will get stronger.  Thankfully I am still very much enjoying the satisfaction of making a beautiful new hoop for someone I don't know yet to dance with.  That's what's keeping me going, dear reader.  That and the abject terror of failure.