GeoRev Hooping

Collapsible Dance Hoops Professionally Made in Canada

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

Shipping is available to Canada and the USA.  Shipping to the USA costs $28 Canadian.

Shipping Cost:

I charge a flat rate based on my experience with the average cost of shipping hoops in Canada.  This works out to $18 for one hoop and $22 for two or more hoops, and $10 for one hoop $14 for two or more hoops within Alberta. I never charge more than $22 for shipping, no matter how many hoops you buy. You get free shipping if you order four hoops or more. It is much more economical to send multiple hoops; that's why I offer deals on combos of my budget hoops. I do not charge extra for the time it takes to carefully package and send your hoop(s). 

Shipping Method and Queue

All hoops are shipped coiled down via Canada Post.

Great news! Thanks to all your support I have stopped working overtime at my career and I’m spending more time in the studio making your hoops. All hoops now ship within 3-5 business days! Bare polypro or hdpe will ship within 3 days and any taped hoop will ship within 5 days. *If you order both kinds of hoop at once, your package will ship within 5 business days.

If you order on Monday, I will ship your bare hoops by Thursday and your taped hoops by the following Monday.

If you order on Tuesday, I will ship your bare hoops by Friday and your taped hoops by the following Tuesday.

If you order on Wednesday, I will ship your bare hoops by Monday and your taped hoops by the following Wednesday.

If you order on Thursday, I will ship your bare hoops by Tuesday and your taped hoops by the following Tuesday.

If you order on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday I will ship your bare hoops by Wednesday and your taped hoops by the following Friday.

Since re-organizing my career (I work full time with behaviorally challenged youth), I have set these new deadlines for shipping that I believe are reasonable, attainable and still allow me to have time for self care. I will personally contact any customer if their hoop shipment is going to be late. If you do not receive shipping confirmation in the time frame I have outlined, feel free to shoot me a message.

Open your package carefully! Poke a small hole in the package being careful not to scratch the hoop, then use scissors to cut the packaging all the way around. Cut the tape that coils the hoop down and gently remove it. ALLOW THE HOOP TO BREATHE for at least one hour to 24 hours before connecting.    


Returns and Refunds

I want to make sure you purchase the right size hoop to minimize potential returns. Please consult the FAQ and the internet in general for sizing advice before purchase. Keep in mind that most people are comfortable with a smaller hoop within a few months of practice. If you get a 38” inch beginner hoop and can’t immediately keep it going, don’t give up! There are many tutorials on the internet for waist hooping and a little determination goes a long way.

If upon receiving your hoop you decide you should have gone with a different size I will gladly alter or remake your hoop. Hoop must be in new condition for re-sale if upsizing. You will be responsible for any extra shipping to have a hoop re-sized.

Each hoop is hand-made in my home studio. I take pride in my hoops and consider them a work of art. I strive to provide a professional product and do not send a hoop out without a flush connection.  I hope that you will appreciate my skill at evenly and smoothly decorating hoops. The materials and workmanship are covered under the GeoRev Warranty.