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Geometric Revolution Limited Warranty & Hoop Repair Advice

Why this Warranty

This is a voluntary contract between owner and hoopsmith of, Caroline Krueger and you, the Customer. When you buy a hoop from me, you are covered for the lifetime of the product. I made this hoop and you bought this hoop; it's our baby. If an accident should befall our hoop baby, we are going to fix it. We are going to upcycle any damaged hoops that don't inspire us anymore, instead of storing or throwing them away. This warranty is retro-active for all GeoRev Customers. Any first generation GeoRev hoops can be sent in for repairs and will automatically receive upgraded connections for free. Please Contact Caroline if you are interested in upcycling ANY hoop with Canada's biggest tape collection and/or EZ Clip & Ghostrivet hoop connections!

What is Covered

This warranty FULLY covers defects in materials and workmanship in the original product, any hoop purchased from This includes but is not limited to: 

  • The hoop having a flush connection
  • The hoop being circular 
  • The tape job meeting or exceeding industry standards
  • The hoop being made of the correct tubing, tape and size selected by the Customer 
  • Any break in the connection or tubing within the first 3 months of purchasing the hoop

 GeoRev Hooping considers the above criteria to be paramount for Customer satisfaction. If the hoop should break for any reason within the first 3 months of purchase, GeoRev will repair or replace the hoop at no cost to the customer.  After 3 months the customer is responsible for any shipping charges to have the hoop repaired or downsized. 

Please note that the act of coiling a hoop tightly for shipping puts tiny creases on the tape, but these smooth back out with use. Some hoops will seem wonky if connected immediately after shipping. The tubing should be allowed to expand, and you may have to gently reshape the hoop into a circle. 

If you are unhappy for any reason after receiving your hoop, allowing the tubing to "breathe" by leaving the hoop open for 24 hours, and using it vigorously on the arm or waist to help shape it, please send a picture or video message to Caroline at for troubleshooting.

In the event that your issue cannot be resolved due to defects in the materials or workmanship, GeoRev will replace or refund your hoop. GeoRev reserves the right to require the original hoop to be sent back at no cost to the Customer. Hoop must be in original condition for refund. 


The most common thing that can go wrong with any push button collapsible hoop is the connection breaking.

The connection is a weak point on your hoop. (This is not a concern for Weighted Beginner Hoops).

 *  Do not attempt to COMPLETELY collapse a hoop under 34" diameter, even if it was shipped to you that way.  *

PARTIALLY collapse your smaller hoops if necessary for travel.

Be mindful of the connection when doing hard tricks likes breaks, wedgies and tosses.

Do not twist or put torque on the push button connection.

Do not let children pull on your hoop.



If you're in Calgary just bring the hoop by the GeoRev Shop in Signal Hill and Caroline will fix it for FREE while you wait! 

Set Up an Appointment

If, after 3 Months your Hoop should Break... It Might be Cheaper to Fix it Yourself...

If you have access to the minimal tools (you might already have or can borrow a drill and bit set, $40; Pipe Cutter; $12-15) you can repair the connection on a GeoRev hoop yourself! GeoRev will support at-home repair with free online consultation and free connector pieces and hardware sent to the Customer as needed on a case by case basis. Pictures of the broken connection are required. The shipping both ways to repair a hoop will cost the Customer roughly $35-40 ($20-30 in Alberta). If it is more economical or the Customer prefers shipping the hoop for repair, the customer is responsible for shipping both ways, unless a new purchase from is made, in which case the customer is only responsible for shipping the broken hoop and GeoRev will include the repaired hoop with the package to the Customer at no additional cost. 

Another way to break a hoop is by kinking or snapping the tubing. First Aid for kinked tubing is a hair dryer and gentle reshaping. The only way to fix a kink or crack in a push-button hoop is to cut it out, resulting in a smaller hoop. If you broke it near the connection, you or GeoRev can downsize it and make a new connection using the tools listed above. If the kink or break is farther away from the connection, it is recommended that you send it back to the GeoRev shop and have it upgraded to a Sectional Hoop ($12-36). GeoRev will cover any additional tubing costs if a kinked/snapped GeoRev hoop is sent back and upcycled into a Sectional Hoop. In this manner the new Sectional Hoop will be the same size as the original hoop, or smaller/larger at the Customer's request. 


Whether you kinked your hoop or just want a smaller hoop, Caroline will make any GeoRev hoop smaller, for free, for the life of the hoop. 

What is Not Covered

  • Lost, Missing or Stolen GeoRev hoops. 
  • Shattered/Excessively Broken Tubing 
  • Damaged Tape (Re-Taping your hoop, including new Protective Tape and new 3M Grip, will be done for existing GeoRev Customers for the discounted price of $26 (normally $31). Customer is responsible for removing old tape and shipping. Contact Caroline
  • Permanent Warping (If you can't fix it by getting it warm [boiling hot water in the bathtub for five minutes] and putting it underneath your mattress for a few days, it's permanently warped)


This warranty lasts for the lifetime of the product. Warranty coverage ends when the hoop becomes unusable for reasons listed above, or cannot be fixed due to damage as to be determined by the hoopsmith.