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Day 22

Caroline KruegerComment

Wow!   I went to the farm party in Cherryville (4 hours away) last weekend and did a dry run on my hoop vending.  It was so much fun!  I had my best friend Becky Paynter with me to help demo the hoops.  She learned how to chest hoop while we were doing that!  Seeing somebody go from "I can't do that" to "omg I'm doing it" never gets old.  It is one of the most uplifting things I witness on a regular basis, and why I do what I do. 

I did my kid's class last Friday before leaving town, and got my first ever adult to try the free lesson!  There were six kids at my class and I sold hoops to two of them (thanks, parents)!  so it was just the boost I needed to get me to Cherryville.  I have been extremely broke, spending all my money on tape and tubing.

At Cherryville, there was a much larger market down the road this year which lured most of the customers away.  I think there were only about 50 people shopping throughout the morning.  So the fact that I managed to sell 8 hoops was actually pretty good.  If I can keep that high of a percentage going at the Stampede, I will sell out really quick!  I would have liked to have sold 20 hoops but I won't get discouraged.  By the time I was done trading with the other vendors and giving a few away as gifts and donating one to charity, I am way behind on my quota now so it's probably a good thing.  I have also taken three whole days off from making hoops on account of not having enough money and also, having too much fun in the sun and not wanting to work while I'm camping. The hoops paid for my entire weekend, all the gas and food and associated costs so I will be grateful and happy with that.  Plus it was really neat to identify where certain people were camped in the morning, based on the hoops I sold/traded them being among their outdoor possessions!

I am really stoked about having this frame to display the hoops on.  What a great way to repurpose this piece of equipment.  I'm going to cover it in hoop tape.