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Day 60

Caroline KruegerComment
My signs are printed!!!

My signs are printed!!!

When I got back from my last event and only had 178 hoops, I panicked.  I procrastinated on updating this blog.  I realized fairly early into June that I was not going to be able to maintain the frenetic hoop making pace I displayed in May.  There were various factors, the most significant being the cost of the supplies.  So I made as many as I could.  I forgave myself for not meeting my goal of 400.  I am leaving tomorrow with 250 completed hoops and that's enough, that's my best.  If I had set my goal for 200, I would have smoked it!  

I just finished collapsing and packing about 200 of the hoops and that took all night.  I intend to continue making hoops at the Stampede if it looks like I'm going to sell out.  This is going to be an epic ten days of working the Geometric Revolution!  One thing I can say is that I have been hooping a TON to get ready for public demonstrations!  I'm looking forward to seeing my amazing Calgary friends who really pulled through for me - Nikki, Jaz and Geoff I am so grateful for your help.

 I am also linking the people who buy my beginner's hoops to a local Calgary instructor, Kelly Janes.