GeoRev Hooping

Collapsible Dance Hoops Professionally Made in Canada

Day 35

Caroline KruegerComment

Some of my favorite new hoops in the sun <3

I'm getting ready to go vend the hoops at the Invermere Valley Entrepreneurs Fair.   Invermere is about twice as big as Golden, and an hour and a half away.  It's also close to my favorite place of all time, White Swan Hot Springs, so after the fair I'm going solo camping with my dogs.  

I'm way behind on the hoop quota.  It took some time to get all my supplies together.  I'm playing catch up now!  I'm taking the whole hoop making shop on the road with me and hope to get some finished hoops taped while I'm camping.  We'll see :P  


Jack is ready to go!

Jack is ready to go!