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Off to a Strong Start

Caroline KruegerComment

I just finished my second day in a row of kicking ass on this hoop making.  I have to make an average of six per day every single day for the next sixty days to produce 400 hoops.  (It used to be 500, but I lowered the bar in a panic.  500 is 8 per day)!  Yesterday I made ten, and today I made eleven!  I'm trying to get ahead of the game.  I'm going to feel so good if I can meet or exceed my goal!

It's hard, there's no denying that.  My hands hurt. My entire back is aching and I cut myself twice.  I'm pretty happy with the way it feels, though.  I found myself falling into a natural rhythm of breathing with the taping.  It can be very meditative, and a form of color therapy, to make ten hoops in a row. 

Plus, it takes a hundred foot roll of tubing to make ten hoops, and those cost $30-$35.  So just about every day I gotta go buy one of these things.  That's the most stressful part, coming up with that money.  The tubing is a daily expense and pretty soon here I'm going to have to drop $$$ on tape and that will likely happen several times over the next sixty days.  It's scary.  Originally I wanted to quit my job at the end of May but now I think I will have to work into June to be able to afford supplies. 
I'm feeling pretty good though, after two days of this new lifestyle where I make as many hoops per day as I can.  Tomorrow I'm going to buy two hundred foot rolls and see if I can make more than 11.  :D

There were only two kids at my class today.  I will have to market that more heavily this week.  I did however sell a beginner adult hoop.  I also got an order for two more hoops so that will help with the tubing purchasing.  Keep this train going! 

I have been enjoying making so many different color combinations.   With as many tapes as I have, the number of ways I can combine them is almost infinite!  I have been playing with new patterns that aren't strictly tape or time efficient but they sure are pretty.  The feeling of finishing a hoop, and seeing the beautiful circle, so flashy and colorful, is a wonderful feeling.  I play with each one before adding it to the stack!