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The GeoRev Project - You Can Achieve Anything You Want in Life, and I'm Actually Going To

Caroline KruegerComment

JAN 30, 2015

Besides starting my own company and being amongst only a handful of entrepreneurs providing polypro hoops to people in Canada, my involvement with the Snow King Festival has escalated and I will now be directing The A Muse Troupe in a 9 LED hoop alien themed performance!  I am trying to hoop as much as I can in my fourth year to gain skill not only for my smart hoop solo in February's performance but directly after as I will be going to Costa Rica for two weeks to intensively study hoopdance at Envision festival (self guided program.) When I get back, I am gearing up to take my company on the road for the summer! 


I have had so many wonderful and amazing discoveries since I started hooping.  The rate of acceleration in my life seems to be increasing exponentially, especially since the spiritual awakening I experienced 13 months ago and which of course, hoops led me to. Simply put, CIRCLE WORSHIP.  I am discovering my life purpose as I continue upward on the spiral of truth and knowledge.  Part of it is learning that you can indeed shape reality using the sacred knowledge of geometry and quantum physics. 

I named my company GEOMETRIC REVOLUTION because it is my duty to go to places with lots of foot traffic and try to connect with as many people as I can about hoops.  It requires me to put myself out there.  It's scary.  I will be street vending my awesome fully collapsible push button beginner and kids hoops as well as busking to earn an income this summer.  I live in a tiny remote town in BC (Golden) and there is such limited income opportunity here.  My heart tells me if I work really hard and give it my best, my idea could work. 

I have already invested thousands of hard earned dollars into my supplies and the website.  Now it's time to make our revolution happen, and get hundreds more and eventually thousands of beginner hoops into the hands of the general Canadian public.  I will have to travel and sometimes camp.  I will go to places like Banff, Calgary, East Van, and Seattle, where I have connections.  I will have all kinds of affordable hoops for sale and I will show people what hooping is all about by passionately performing for them.  Good signs that say things like "Anybody can hoop - you just need a bigger hoop!" and "No storefront means no markup!" "Free lesson with the purchase of a hoop"!  and such.  I will have a goal to push the revolution from sunup till sundown each time I go to a new place.  All I need is the courage to go where the people are and sell myself and these amazing products.  I have also of course been applying to be an official vendor at all kinds of awesome events like the Calgary Stampede.  Vending successfully at the local Christmas Craft Fair + seeing people street vending in East Van is what gave me this idea.  Yep: my ideal career is passionately selling hula hoops to anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest in what I'm doing.  :D I've saturated the market in Golden and it's time to bring hooping to the people. 


I want there to be another hoop craze like it's 1959, with two or three in every household!  Are you with me?!