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It is the Thrill of the Universe to Surprise You

Caroline Krueger

On an auspicious fall day, I was fortunate enough to meet this soul and aid his travels.  I was privately amazed at the fearless way he ventured into the rain and wilderness with almost no physical possessions.  Since our chance meeting he has consistently enlightened me with powerful messages that seem to be channeled directly from the everlasting Love of source consciousness, one of which I am grateful to share with you here today.  This piece in particular speaks to me very deeply as I consider following my dream of street vending and performing with my hoops.  I hope you enjoy the wisdom of guest author Cody Spierenburg.  

Sadly anything other than the currently accepted scientific approach is stigmatized in our culture. Patents and scientific advances are owned by those who control the money. For this reason there is the appearance that science has stalled, personal transport and the treatment of cancerous diseases have made little to no progress in the last 50 years. The only way to bypass the major road blocks of organized money is to explore to boundaries of life outside the commonly accepted dotted lines.

This is where the societal ideals and commonly accepted "truths" truly pass or fail. It is also a fantastic opportunity of self discovery, so much can be learned about ones self, ones origin and ones destiny beyond the comforts of societal living. In fact it is the only place. So much is false of what we have taken to be true, yet few bother the really test the hypothesises of life that are fed to us at an early age. Beneath the role you've been playing all your life, of son, father, student, professional, there is a truly unique and dynamic individual. The potential depth of any human being is extraordinary beyond measure yet most will never risk moving beyond the shallow waters of limitation.

Adventure is not meant to test you, or prove yourself worthy; it is to show you that magically, without fail, and every time... life works out. It will take care of you, it may even reveal some of its secrets to you. Is even the mere possibility of this not reason enough to run out to middle of the street, flag down the first car you see and let it take you where it may go? Will you tragically not even let the world a chance to surprise you? Will you not give the universe a dance so she may show you some of her magic. Or will you stay your routine, day after day, looking forward to that someday when you are happy, when you are truly fulfilled? When you finally have that nice car or that number in the bank? Or will you be a pioneer of new age? Of a new Renaissance, ancestor of the first people who took a step outside the box, set one foot on the road and declared, "take me life! To the lessons i need to learn!" Will you not rise up to challenge with courage, and say this world needs one like me. One who is not afraid to stand against the current of monotony and throw themselves into the tide of the not-yet-known, not-yet-realized and the not-yet-understood. To step into their God-given power and follow through no matter what. To stand on their own two feet confidently, walk in the world with magic eyes and musical ears. And to be kind, to just be kind and forgiving to those far too ignorant or afraid to ever understand what you are doing or what you would hope to accomplish. If life is not for adventure, what could it possibly be for? What other purpose could we be here other than to learn, explore, appreciate and love?

The system can't be beat from the inside out, you must leave the confines of the castle to find your legion of angels and then you may return to burn it to the ground. If you are ever afraid, or can't even think of where to begin, remember this, I will always be there, waiting for you waiting for your call, with an open invitation to come. I will wait. wait wait wait wait wait, until your desire to know burns stronger than your apathy to stay. That my friend, will be a glorious day.