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Circle Consciousness for the Hooper

Caroline Krueger

I could tell the story of how hooping dramatically changed my life, unlocked the strength and love of dance in my body, gave me a form of movement I am obsessed with doing, increased my confidence and opened doors I never imagined existed for me before I identified as a hooper.  My story mirrors your own and that's why I would like to deliver a very important message to you: we are all one and this circle is a primary tool for that discovery.   

Doubtless you have felt magic in your state of flow.  It's the Universe reminding you of that which you already know deep down inside.  You are a powerful creator of reality as we all are.  Within every part of you exists the divine that connects you to everything else, and the complexity of the entire natural universe is reflected by the simple sacred geometry of this circle you dance with.

We have all the answers inside of us, even the ways to change the collectively destructive story we are currently telling on this planet.  It begins with looking inside yourself and listening to your heart, as you did when you first picked up a hula hoop and decided that yes, this is something I can do.  You have already learned that you can achieve what once seemed impossible when you spent months attaining that technical trick.  Manipulating the circle through space and time, you created a new reality out of what began as a thought and a feeling.  What would happen if you applied this concept to every part of your life?  

Keep "playing" with your hoop.  Tap into those beautiful patterns of vibration and make them visible to the whole world through your dance.  Look to your heart and your gut whenever you have a decision to make.  It is the Universe's thrill to surprise you with opportunity and synchronicities, as when you discovered hooping.  Use that feeling as a moral compass.  If it doesn’t feel good in your core and you do it anyway, you force your life into a shape you were never meant to be.  

The hoop has gone viral in the greater populace not once but several times throughout recorded history.  Circle consciousness is on the rise and this is happening again.  This time it will be recognized as a bringer of spiritual education for the masses, sparking a geometric revolution.  You’ve witnessed the web of influence that hoops occupy in our culture expanding, and play a vital link in that growth.  

A hoop is a powerful energy gathering device.  It’s a direct manifestation of the Flower of Life, the community of circles which exists at every scale and enables the coalition of vibration into matter.  The infinitely complex sacred geometry derived from connecting the hearts of the circles in this pattern is the fractal algorithm that Nature uses to construct atoms, molecules, you, planets, stars and galaxies.  You cannot help but to connect with source consciousness on an acutely momentary basis when you tap into flow with a hoop.  If the desire to know your spiritual nature is present, consider that your relationship with the circle is no mere coincidence, but a deliberate and sacred gift from the Universe.

May the Flower of Life open and reveal itself to you!

Happy hooping!